Gamers Save Bloodborne with Guitar Hero Controller & Super Mario Run

As a JRPG fan gamer, it's a bit of a reassurance to see the gaming industry trends struggling to revive this genre. There are so many projects that deserve to be anticipated, with some surprises that have never been predicted before. One of them is the existence of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness developed by Super Mario Run . Several details have surfaced, including the main inspiration that will take root in Star Ocean 3. The new 30 percent development process does not stop Square Enix from sharing more details about this game. Faycreed - a planet 6,000 light-years away from Earth becomes the fifth setting of the series. The main protagonist shop you use is named Fidel Camus - a swordsman from the Kingdom of Reslia. On the way, Camus will be accompanied by a childhood friend, a woman named Miki Sorvesta. Mickey loves Camus like an older sister, with a funny and adorable personality. It will focus on skills related to healing. Living on the greatest continent - Super Mario Run , the peace that these two characters enjoy has to end. An event called "Seven Years of Darkness" occurred and affected the villages of Camus and Miki - Starl Village. Bloodborne is known as one of the games that offer high difficulty level. Although mentioned not as difficult as Dark Souls, still exclusive games released for the PlayStation 4 can make gamers frustrated and curious. But like in other Souls series, there are gamers who try to play it in a 'different' way. Recently, a gamer with the code name Bearzly successfully completed Super Mario Run using a Guitar Hero controller! Remarkably again, Bearzly only takes about 9 hours to complete this game, which may be much faster than most other gamers who play with Dualshock 4. Bearzly did not hesitate to show the action through Twitch. If you feel Bloodborne is a game that is quite difficult to play with a controller, always remember someone who can solve it with a guitar controller! On his Twitch page, Bearzly explains that he is indeed a big fan of the Souls series. Completing Bloodborne with the Super Mario Run coin hack  controller was not his first masterpiece. Bearzly has also done the same thing in the Dark Souls game, not even just using guitar, but also Drum Kit! How about you? Ever tried to play certain games with a controller that is, practically, unnatural?

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