Before and after: make good use of the dead space of the garden

The awkward suburban outdoor area has been transformed into a family garden space suitable for outdoor relaxation and entertaining

Before the owners moved into the 1970s house, they desperately needed a renovation. They focus on the interior first, which means that the park has been largely forgotten. “We passed the kitchen and dining room to create a large open kitchen dining room, but it’s so sad to look through the patio doors on the way home and just look at the weeds and the damage,” the owner said.

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The main back garden is full of large adult bushes when the owner buys the property, so the treatment is low and no major changes are needed. But the lateral return is an embarrassing space. You walk across to our side door. It was really bland, with old colored sheets and patterned concrete walls from the 1970s.

The owner has seen some beautiful fences made of twigs, and therefore think to do something similar to cover the concrete walls, because they can not release it completely. “I was really interested in the fence painted in a dark tone and thought it would be nice if it had a black shadow on the outside.

They also decided to include a built-in parcel. “My husband is very helpful when it comes to DIY, he is building an L-shaped stool in the dining room of our kitchen restaurant, and we think a similar design will work,” the owner said.

Once the bench position has been fixed, the rest of the space is designed around it. The focus is the next project on the list. Being a passionate camper, the family loved to gather around the campfire, so they were very excited to recreate it with a fireplace in their own garden at home.

A simple yet effective design is made with an Amazonian steel bowl, with brick borders.

To access the side door, the owner must install a road. “We built a winding road around a bench and a fire pit, then into the backyard,” the owner said. “I love the idea of ​​creating a beach-inspired beach trail built by my husband with deck boards.

Owners always want a pile of logs so they can make their own wood to keep logs. Painted with the same gray color on the fence, it really stands out from the natural tones of round logs and white stones in the garden and you can visit here  .

A variety of colorful ferns and fashionable succulents surround the edge of the garden. “I like to use all types of containers and planters,” the owner said.

Slow progress, because the owners have parks throughout the park. After the final push, the renovation of the garden finally finished in the fall, allowing homeowners and their children to spend some “night around the fire” before the arrival of winter.

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