Borderlands Online Prepared for China Market

Who is not interested in entering the Chinese market? With billions of potential population growing as consumers, only a small percentage of the market is gained enough to generate tantalizing profits. The same market that continues to be tested by the gaming industry. Not only the console manufacturers are trying to compete in China, the famous game developers also go through the same process. But unlike what they do in other parts of the world, China usually gets a separate project with the format Online and Free to Play as the main force. After Call of Duty Online and Monster Hunter Online, now turn FPS RPG games from Gearbox – Borderlands are trying to compete and get roblox robux generator on here .

Developer from China – Shanda Games is the one who will be responsible for this process. No further details relate to how the story offered by this series will relate to the three main series that have been previously released or the implementation of unique features such as what makes it worthy of the word “Online”.

Shanda confirmed that they will work closely with the Gearbox and 2K to realize this one project. 2K even reportedly has been satisfying the support and development team in Shanghai to watch him. The gameplay itself is said to still provide an opportunity for you to choose one of the four classes offered – roblox, Hunter, Siren, and Berserker.

Interesting again? Not just for PCs, Borderlands Online is also touted to be released for mobile platforms. He will slide in 2015. What next for China?

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