Controversy Selimuti Tournament Counter Strike: GO at Dreamhack

Counter Strike e-Sports Counter Strike: Global Offensive is currently attracting attention nowadays, especially after the exposure of cheat use case done by some professional players. As something that bears the name “sport” in it, sportsmanship should certainly be a highly upheld value. Although it is unclear what kind of sanctions will Valve relate to these professional players, they certainly will not be able to compete in one of CS’s international tournaments: GO giant – at the Dreamhack Winter 2014 event held in Sweden. But who would have thought, this tournament was also spawned his own controversy. The battle between two giant teams – LDLC against Fnatic is colored by a drama and get cooking fever hack .

Exploiting the flawed map design is not something that is prohibited by Dreamhack rules. But the complaints that the LDLC threw on the Fnatic forced the battle between the two repeated. Fnatic is called a cheat because it boosts allowing one of his players to reach a higher position in the Overpass folder, which not only gives him a broader view of the movements of the opposing team, but also hunts them down easily. Dreamhack eventually categorizes this boost as “pixel-walking” because it is achieved by standing on an object that does not exist. LDLC itself is also caught using other boost cooking fever methods.

But instead of taking the match back from 0-0, Fnatic finally decided to resign. In his official post, Fnatic reasoned that this decision was taken because the attention of gamers no longer focus on how fun CS: GO as a competitive game, but precisely because of the exploit itself. As a respect for the community, they retreated. LDLC itself succeeded in winning the Dreamhack Winter 2014 event after beating NiP in the Grand Final round.

How do you think? Will the tournament be more attractive or even injured with an exploit like this?

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