Dev. Remember Me Start Developing RPG for New Generation

How many of you remember Remember Me? This one game is quite awaited last year thanks to the unique concept that he offers. With Paris setting in the future, Remember Me makes memory a major theme with the claim that you can modify the elements to produce different outcomes. But unfortunately, the execution offered was not as sweet as imagined. The developer from France – Dontnod itself is developing a new game – Life is Strange which was introduced a few months ago. But who would have thought, they still keep an extra surprise roblox hack online.

Although not yet officially announced, Dontnod seems to be involved in another mysterious project besides Life is Strange which is planned to be released in 2015. Through a recently opened job advert, signals that Dontnod is developing a new game with the RPG / Action RPG genre getting stronger. The vacancy is open to the level of the designer who explicitly mentioned having experience dwelling with this one genre. From the vacancy is also indicated that this game will be developed for Playstation 4 and roblox as the main platform.

What is a RPG? Dontnod himself still keep their mouths shut. Will it be related to the information about the “New RPG” that SquareEnix had spotted a few weeks ago? Let’s wait for the official confirmation.

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