Finally, Capcom Announces Street Fighter V!

Still remember the statement Yoshinori Ono some time ago that had impressed that Capcom is not interested to develop the latest series for Street Fighter? Responding to the criticism of gamers who “attacked” the release policy of various versions of Street Fighter IV and Capcom’s reluctance to move to the latest generation platform, Ono had stated that they did not have enough funds to start the process of developing Street Fighter V. Hope fans of genre fighting around the world to enjoy the cool Street Fighter experience as if it just vanished. But who would have thought, in the unexpected moment, that hope was still alive and get roblox hack on here !

Capcom did not deliberately leak the existence of Street Fighter V to the virtual world! Not accidentally released his first teaser via Youtube, Capcom immediately attracted the video turned out instant. Unfortunately, not fast enough. One of the users NeoGAF – Unlucky Kate turned out to see the video and spread the existence of Street Fighter V information via massive community forum gamers. Some mirror trailers spread and can no longer be dammed by Capcom. You can see the trailer and a myriad of screenshots are roblox here.

Capcom itself is still not open mouth and provide more detail about Street Fighter V is. But the first trailer teaser contains one extra interesting enough information – it will be released “exclusively” for Playstation 4 and PC only. There is no Xbox One name there. Will it be offered as a time-exclusive project like Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One? Nothing can be ascertained at this moment.

Gamers fighting around the world, cheer up !!

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