Gray Goo – RTS Game from Dev. Command & Conquer Early Release 2015

You are fond of RTS games like Command & Conquer must have anticipated the presence of Gray Goo. To merely remind, Gray Goo worked by veterans of Westwood Studios who spawned Command & Conquer games.

Under the name Petroglyph, recently the developers finally gave an official announcement regarding the release date of robux generator online . According to Petroglyph, the game will launch for PC via Steam on January 23, 2015!

Please note initially Petroglyph plans to present stage Closed Alpha and Beta Testing before releasing Gray Goo into the market. But as time goes by, Petroglyph feels all the information they need to make Gray Goo more balanced and stable already gained.

“We know many of you are looking forward to getting involved in the Beta stage. Nevertheless, we have focused on using the data we have received to improve the quality of the game so we can release Gray Goo as soon as possible, “said the developer.

In gameplay, Roblox  will present some aspects of RTS like building headquarters, units, and so forth. Developers promise to focus on delivering a deeper RTS genre. There are three factions available, The Beta, Human, and Goo each of which have powerful strategies and units.

Some modes can be selected by gamers, such as single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer mode. Interestingly, Petroglyph promising AI in Gray Goo will be based on the concept of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the real world.

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