King of Hunter Review

King of Hunter Review

Have you ever imagined living in a primitive interior where there are no up-to-date gadgets to communicate and play your favorite games, air-conditioned air conditioners, and fast-food restaurants to buy good food, or supermarkets for day-to-day shopping? In the Android game titled NBA Live Mobile, you can feel life in the hinterland and hunt animals to eat.

King of Hunter is an Android game puzzle genre that will make you a primitive tribe that hunts animals in the wild. In this game, you will control a person who is starving and wants to hunt wild animals to eat and survive. The equipment used for hunting is a spear. Throw the spear at the hunted animal. When it comes to its head, the damage is greater than when it comes to other body parts. Do not touch the horns, tusks, beaks, or hard parts of the animal because it will not give you any damage and get NBA Live Mobile coin generator .

You need to pay attention, there is a limit on the number of throws you can do in each hunt or stage. If the throwing limit is exhausted or reaches zero (0), the game will attack you until death. Surely you do not want that bad thing to happen, because when your character dies, then the game will be repeated from the save point. The problem is, when you forget to do a save point, you will actually repeat from the starting position.

When the hunt is successful, then you can go to the next stage. Each hunting site has several levels. The first hunting ground is Mozambique, consisting of 10 levels. In addition to Mozambique, there are other hunting places, such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tunisia, Uganda, Morocco, Algeria, Benin, and Madagascar. You can also use other characters that have better hunting skills. The characters you can buy in the shop.

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