PES 2015 Xbox One version Just Walked in 720p?

It’s common knowledge that the latest generation console from Microsoft – Xbox One does have a specification on paper, weaker than the main competitors – Playstation 4 from Sony. Although not visible in most exclusive games that exist, but this is evident from some multiplatform game release over the last few months. Games that can run in Full HD resolution for Playstation 4, it can only be played with a resolution of 720p or 900p. Or vice versa, different on the framerate side. But for the first time, this difference is seen in a sports game. True, the Xbox One mentioned will not be able to run Roblox robux latest soccer game – PES 2015 at full resolution.

WORLD SOCCER Winning Eleven 2015 DEMO_20140917212536

Anticipation of the presence of PES 2015 for the latest generation platform – Playstation 4 and Xbox One is quite high. Konami openly revealed that both of these versions will enjoy a more optimal engine quality. While on the other hand, the PC version will only be reinforced Playstation 3 engine with a little modification. With enhanced Fox Engine and player details and an increasingly mesmerizing environment, PES 2015 seems to be a challenge for Xbox One. Official information from Konami announced that PES 2015 Xbox One version will only run at 720p 60fps, while Playstation 4 at 1080p 60fps.
Official information released by Konami shows PES 2015 is only capable of running at 720p 60fps for Xbox One version and get Roblox hack 2017   .

Neither Konami nor Microsoft themselves have been open-minded regarding this resolution difference, or whether there will be future solutions that will make both of these consoles offer PES 2015 in similar quality. PES 2015 itself is scheduled to be released on 11 November 2014. 720p sports game? Microsoft C’mon ..

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