Ubisoft Will Focus on Developing Open-World Genre Game

Ubisoft Will Focus on Developing Open-World Genre Game

If we’re talking about a rising publisher in the gaming industry today, then Ubisoft’s big name certainly can not be separated from it. Since the success of Assassin’s Creed on the market, Ubisoft is slowly but steadily, finding the right strategy to keep plugging its powerful fangs in competition with big publishers. Not only to exploit a franchise that already has a strong fan base, he is also famous as a publisher who consistently gave birth to new game titles. However, if there is one trend that can be seen from Ubisoft’s various projects, almost all the big games they are playing take the open-world genre. Something they will continue to maintain.

Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Crew, Watch Dogs, and The Division, almost all the great games that Ubisoft is working on are based on the open-world genre. Why was the decision taken? In his latest interview with gaming site –  Madden Mobile, the CEO – Yves Guillemot revealed that this decision was taken to meet the wishes of the gamers themselves.

Ubisoft believes that gamers want more portion of freedom in video games, a more free and nonlinear playing experience. Moreover, the open-world genre allows Ubisoft to create a game with different variations of attraction, for different gamers’ interests. He also mentioned that this open-world trend will not only be the focus of Ubisoft, but also other developers in the future.

What Guillemot is calling for is seen in the gaming industry, let alone seeing most of the next-gen projects like Shadow of Mordor, The Witcher 3, No Man’s Sky, and Madden Mobile hack  all of which also carry the open-world elements in it. How about you? How many of you are more than happy to play a game with a genre like this?

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